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Hello Road

I got here ok. I took a taxi from the airport to Saint Francisville. The cab driver came originally from Detroit, and told me there are only two reasons why anyone leaves Detroit: either the gangs are after him or the police are after him. I elected not to ask him which was his reason.

S had left the car for me, as promised, and I found the key by the light of my cellphone. I’ve spent the night in Baton Rouge and it’s uncomfortable being back here – it feels like home, but somebody else’s. So this morning I’m heading out West, towards Dallas via Shreveport. For someone who’s looking for a bit of space, Texas ought to fit the bill nicely, but I’ll be glad to get out the other side of it. I need a desert and some mountains.

  30°25’37.34″N, 91° 4’37.44″W

Today’s sensations: Much too far from the people I love, even those who are very close. Torn between keeping dumb statistics like this and living for the moment. Trying to convince myself that I am actually free to please myself, for once, and for practice spontaneously deciding to go to Walmart for some batteries. Enjoying the feel of warm morning sunshine on my face.


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